Review and Appeal Process

Step 1:

PAR Residential will gather information.

We gather information from County Records, including the Assessor’s current appraisal, and set up our case file on your home. We may also request property information from you. The more information you provide, the more thorough we can be in our review. You will never be required to provide any information or access to your property to anyone.

Step 2:


Each reassessment cycle (every two years) our appraisers and brokers will determine a fair appraised value for your property based on real comparable sales in your neighborhood. We will ensure the assessor is following the law when it comes to assessing your home. In 2007, we appealed many residential properties on the grounds of improper inspection and notification resulting in our client’s appraised values being rolled back to their 2005 levels.

Step 3:

Notification of new values will be mailed by Mid-June.

We will compare our appraised value to the assessor’s appraised value to determine whether an appeal is necessary. If we determine the assessor’s appraised value is fair, we will notify you in writing that you are already paying the lowest possible property taxes and no appeal will be filed. There will be no cost to you for our time and efforts.

Step 4:

File your appeal before the July 10th deadline.

If we determine that your property is over valued by the assessor, our attorney will, at our expense, file an appeal on your behalf and provide the required information to the St. Louis County Board of Equalization.

Step 5:

Board of Equalization (BOE) Hearings.

Hearings will take place in July and August. The PAR Team will present your case before the BOE in the most effective manner possible.

Step 6:


Results are usually sent to us 3 – 4 weeks after the BOE hearings. PAR Residential will mail the BOE official results to you to let you know if your appraised value has been reduced to a fair and appropriate amount, or if we need to continue your appeal to the State Tax Commission of Missouri.

Step 7:


Only if we are successful in achieving a reduction in your property’s appraised value will we earn a fee, sharing equally in the tax savings (50/50) for 2023 and 2024. All of our work is performance based: NO SAVINGS, NO FEE. There are no additional costs to you for any of our work. We pay all costs associated with the appeal, including legal and appraisal. Our invoice will be sent to you once tax rates are set in the fall, arriving about the same time you receive your reduced tax bill.


We only get paid if we lower your assessment thereby lowering your taxes.

There is no fee for our review. PAR Residential pays for all costs of the review and appeal, including legal fees and appraisal.