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What is my current assessment? What’s our success rate? Why do assessors get it wrong? Find out answers to these questions and others here.

Our Process

Our knowledge of the appeal process will guarantee that your reviews and appeals will be handled in a professional and effective manner.

“I was having a difficult time working with the assessor’s office regarding our property taxes. They had basically told us there was no chance for a reduction or refunds. We very much appreciated the job you did. Your persistence, contacts, and ability to work with the assessor is to be commended.”

John Ghiretti

“I count on PAR to review my home and recommend them to homebuyers and agents.”

Andy Lawrence, President/Owner, Prudential Alliance, Realtors

“PAR reviewed my home’s assessment finding that the county had improperly measured my property in addition to overvaluing it. PAR’s appeal resulted in the square footage being corrected, and a reduction in value, saving me over $2,400 per year.”

Joe Wotka

“We hired PAR Residential to review our clients’ assessments for 2011. The appeals saved our clients nearly $50,000 in property taxes.”

John Jennings, The St. Louis Trust Co

“It was a pleasure working with David Dempsey and his associates at PAR. I found them to be professional, thorough and effective. I recommend them to my valued clients, family and friends.”

Ann Carter, Janet Mcafee


We only get paid if we lower your assessment thereby lowering your taxes.

There is no fee for our review. PAR Residential pays for all costs of the review and appeal, including legal fees and appraisal.