Welcome Moneta Clients!

How It Works

Local jurisdictions adjust property valuations every odd dated calendar year to determine assessed values for real estate tax purposes.  The experienced team at PAR Residential reviews your assessment compared to current market data through the use of proprietary software.  If we determine your property has been overvalued, we prepare, file and present the appeal to the Assessor, Board of Equalization and State Tax Commission on your behalf.  In addition, all communication regarding your appeal is coordinated through your Moneta team to save you the hassle.

We Get Paid Only If You Get Paid

  • There is no fee for our review. PAR Residential pays for all costs of the review and appeal, including legal fees and appraisal.
  • PAR Residential is only paid if your assessment is lowered thereby lowering your taxes.  Moneta is in no way compensated by PAR Residential or the client.
  • Due to your relationship with Moneta, the fee has been reduced to 40% of the tax savings.
  • If we lower your taxes, we will bill you at the same time you receive your lowered tax bill.
  • If we can’t lower your taxes, no worries! You will not be billed.

Complete the information below and subsequent forms to begin the review process.

*Please note, the Agency Authorization form is only required if your property is located in St. Louis County.

Having trouble with our form? Click here for a printable form.