St. Louis City Assessment

Every odd dated year City of Saint Louis reviews the value of your home.  When this happens, your house payment can go up hundreds and even thousands per month from an increase in property taxes. As a homeowner, you have the right to have PAR Residential to review the City of Saint Louis assessment for FREE. 2023 is a property tax reassessment year in Missouri. All new assessments should be evaluated for an appeal. Sign up online below to start your free review today.

We Get Paid Only If You Get Paid

  • We only get paid if we lower your assessment thereby lowering your taxes.
  • If we lower your assessment we share equally (50/50) in the tax savings.
  • There is no fee for our review. PAR Residential pays for all costs of the review and appeal, including legal fees and appraisal.
  • If we lower your taxes, we will bill you at the same time you receive your lowered tax bill.
  • If we can’t lower your taxes, no worries!  You will not be billed.

Get Started Now

  1. Follow the step by step instructions located on the online form.
  2. After hitting submit your form will automatically be returned to PAR Residential.
  3. All we need from you to get started is the signed agreement and agent authorization. Feel free to send us specifics on your home’s condition or renovations, photographs and copies of bids to fix any deferred maintenance. The more information we have, the better chance we have to reduce your taxes. We will not share any information with the assessor unless it will benefit your appeal.

Having trouble with our form? Click here for a PDF version.