To figure out how much your taxes are, multiply your Market Value by 0.19. This gives you the Assessed Value. Multiply your Assessed Value by the most recent Tax Rate. Tax Rates are stated by the county as a dollar amount per $100 of assessed value. This will give you the taxes due.

For Example:The Assessor has valued a home at $237,500. The assessment ratio is 19%. The hypothetical Tax Rate is 9.5120%.

To calculate the Assessed Value = Appraised Value x Assessment Ratio
$237,500 x 0.19 = $45,130 (rounded to nearest $10)
To find the Tax Amount Due = Assessed Value x Tax Rate
$45,130 x Tax Rate of 0.095120 = $4,292.29

Our invoices are based on how much your taxes would have been had we never appealed your property – the Taxes Before Appeal amount on your invoice shows you the taxes that would have been due, based on the Assessor’s original value of your home, if PAR had not appealed, based on the current tax rates.

Please note: there may be other fees in addition to this that PAR Residential does not take into account on our invoices (fees such as Sewer Lateral Fees or Grass Cutting Fees).